July 6, 2006

Index to Court of Chancery cases, 1625-1649

British Origins has added an index (created by Peter Coldham) to cases in the Court of Chancery during the reign of Charles I (1625-1649). Only a brief case reference is given, but Origins offers an abstract service (for £16) to find out more. The National Archives, where the originals of these documents are held, provides some information on Court of Chancery cases in its Catalogue, but there is little or no information on most cases during this period. The catalogue states that "details of cases are being entered into the online catalogue from the existing finding aids (starting with those for the reign of Elizabeth I), but for some years to come the main route of access will remain the paper finding aids available at The National Archives." Ancestry has scanned images of the book A Calendar of Chancery Proceedings: Bills and Answers Filed in the Reign of King Charles the First, which was published in the late 1800s. Since viewing this requires a "deluxe" subscription, which I don't have, I'm not sure how this book differs from the new offering. Update: The 19th-century Calendar is also available at HeritageQuest Online (a service for public libraries). It appears to contain the same underlying information as the Origins database, with some spelling variations, but it is not conveniently searchable. Searching Ancestry's version should be straightforward if you have the necessary subscription.

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