September 1, 2006

FreeREG search goes live?

Today the "we hope to go live soon" message has disappeared from the FreeREG homepage. When I click through to the search page, I get a new message: "FreeREG Search is being deployed gradually, and is not yet available from your location. Access will be available from your location soon." Update 1: On September 4th, one of the FreeREG developers wrote to soc.genealogy.britain that "we are still in the process of deploying the database, a process which will take a few days. Once the database is deployed, access to it will be phased in over a couple of weeks, in order to prevent the servers being overwhelmed by a rush of searches. . . . Access, once the search is deployed, will be phased [in] based on IP address." Update 2: Further elaboration by the same developer on September 5th and 6th: "I expect the search to go live by the end of this week." "The access phasing is designed to alternate around the continents. By the end of the week, the search will tell you how long you need to wait." More news when I have it.

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