June 15, 2006

FreeBMD updated

FreeBMD was updated on June 9th, with the addition of 2.3 million records. The new records include, among others,

  • 264 thousand births from 1865,
  • 204 thousand births from 1880,
  • 155 thousand births from 1839,
  • 132 thousand marriages from 1882, and
  • 86 thousand births from 1838.
FreeBMD now contains 151 million English and Welsh civil registration records. (Of these, 117 million are distinct. The duplicates are intentionally double-keyed to help ensure accuracy.)

1 comment:

ChrisDavies_78 said...

And how do you get free BMD now in 2008, they all want your money and it has run out before you get to a person you want because they don't give exact, they give you 100's